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How to stop being the mistress

In lover condition we can find a man or a woman. In this article I write for both. If you lover who is living this situation, and are looking to get out of it is because the Holy Trinity has played his heart. That's a fact. If this had not happened you'd still be living this crazy adventure with all […]

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How to break free of depression

Depression is a extremante negative mood that makes people lose the will to live. People who suffer from depression have a deep sadness framework that may have been caused by various reasons such as loss of a loved one, ending a relationship failure in any business or education, family problems, etc. Anyway. I believe that most of the effects of […]

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How to choose between two loves?

This is the kind of question that is very difficult to solve. On the other hand, if we look at it from the side of reason, this kind of problem, you can yes, have a much easier solution than you think. During our life is very common we come across certain situations where we have to make important decisions. Usually […]

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How to pass the desert

Only you know what is the desert who has been there. In life we ​​desert to call a situation where we feel totally isolated as a company having only our inseparable and faithful Lord Jesus Christ. When we go through a moment of great anguish and suffering we say we are going through an existential desert. Anyone who has lived […]

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How to lose weight using their faith

Obesity is a disease. A disease? Yes. A condition that is listed in the International Classification of Diseases Register with ICD 10 code E66 and beyond. Thus we can already say that, as a disease, obesity should and can be treated like any other illness spiritually. With healing prayers, fasting, purification, prayers and thanksgiving. The word of God guides us […]

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