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How not to be a person gossip

Often God's Word warns us about the importance we control our language and our communication. We can experience many pleasant or not situations as a result of what we speak. The words that come out of our heart and our mouth can lead us to life and glory or defeat and death. Someone is thinking that religious? If you are […]

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Gospel prayer to open the doors of prosperity

Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus, please open all walks of my prosperity. beloved father! Enter all your strength and powerful purifying fire and exterminate any and all lock, hindrance, tying, knot, wall, hole, depression, obstacle, difficulty, conformism, prison, jail, trap, paralysis, prostration, lack of faith, lack of trust in God, lack of wisdom, lack of creativity, lack […]

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Prosperity: The big secret revealed

This is the great and valuable secret of true prosperity. This wonderful secret was kept for many centuries, but now it is available to everyone who believes. To have access to this great secret you should pay close attention to the Word of God that is below: "I love those who love me; and who seeks me think. I have […]

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