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I am very distressed

While Anna was a married woman she was not a completely happy and fulfilled woman. Being married to that time was very important. But she could not have children and so she was constantly provoked, insulted and humiliated by others. How many women do not live today the same situation as Ana lived. These days many women do not live […]

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How to overcome the criticism at work

Receives criticism is always bad. No matter how hard we try, we do not like to be criticized whatever to anyone. If these criticisms come from our work environment, where it gets very complicated. When this happens, it lights up a warning sign because this kind of situation is not pleasant. It is in our workplace that we spend most […]

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I am unemployed and do not know what to do

The personal, family and professional achievement is something of fundamental importance for the life of any human being. When a person is without a job she actually loses much more than his job, she gets no money, no purchasing power, aimless, without motivation, without identity and therefore the margins of society. All of this alone are already very serious things. […]

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Tips to beat unemployment

1 – Take good care of your self-esteem and motivation. Do not allow them to be weakened. You pack for a new placement in the labor market they are of fundamental importance at the time of interview. An excellent way for you to always keep your high self-confidence and motivation, are you also keep high your relationship with the Word […]

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How to Succeed at work

A person seeking employment, fight, persevere and, at last, can the new placement. Now it's time to work. God's word for today let's see what we have to do so that we have an excellent performance in this new job. For we approach this issue of how to succeed at work, let's take a good example of someone who, despite […]

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