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What are you planted?

As an old popular saying: who plant wind reaps the storm. And we? What do we have planted? We will reap good fruit as a result of our actions today? Jesus himself warns us that a good tree can not bear bad fruit: "He that soweth the good seed is the Son of man"; – Matthew 13:37 Even so every […]

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Arrange your home

You went to get the mail in your mailbox. As soon as she got there she found a strange red envelope which could read: Dear Mrs, Maria F. S. Medeiros In hands. As soon as the woman began to read the letter she began to change color, turned green, purple, blue, and every word was getting even stranger. In fact […]

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Getting away from sin

So we can guard us from sin is important to note as the enemy, the father of sin threatens our lives and especially against our communion with God the Father. 1 – Empty Heart of God and Works Having one year, the time when kings go forth to battle, David sent Joab, and his servants, and all Israel; and they […]

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Message about repentance

If you are living the remains and the remains of the life of others, if you are living in physical degradation, emotional, sentimental and spiritual, if you're living in humiliation, defeat and suffering, and you truly want a change of life, believe: All this will end soon. Open your heart and your mind and see what you should do to […]

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