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Powerful prayer against envy

God Almighty, for the Lord Jesus, humbly I put myself in their protective and liberating presence to ask the Lord away from my life and my family, all the people, evil thoughts, evil spirits or any other type or intensity feeling of greed, evil eye, jealousy, malice and jealousy that were sent to all things, people, friends, children, husband, wife, […]

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Prayer to forgive someone

O Lord Most Merciful God, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I come humbly in your presence to ask you a very special favor. Father! I have a great difficulty to release forgiveness to the people who made me some kind of evil. However Beloved Father, I know that to the Lord nothing is impossible. So Father in […]

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Prayer for anxiety

Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus, have mercy on me and remove my lifetime preoccupation, distress, anxiety, panic, fear, fear of facing life, fear of the future, images, memories and disturbing facts of the past or any other disorder or physical, mental, emotional, sentimental and spiritual imbalance that is at work in my life taking my peace, messing […]

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Prayer to calm – God’s Word for Today

My God, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I ask the Lord to send for my life their powerful Holy Spirit so that He stroke me the infinite blessings from Him and deeply calm my heart, my spirit, my mind, my nerves, my thoughts, my feelings, my emotions and my whole body and life. Father, in the name […]

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