Psalm 90 – Prayer for wisdom and happiness – God’s Word for Today

Psalm 90 - Prayer for wisdom and happiness - God's Word for Today

Lord, thou hast been our dwelling place. Before you form the mountains and you start to create the earth and the universe, you are God forever in the past, present and future. You say to people who go back to being what they were before; you do that again come dust. Before you, a thousand years are like a day like yesterday, which has passed; They are like an evening hour that passes quickly.

You end up with people's lives; they do not last more than a dream. They are like grass that springs up in the morning, which grows and opens in bloom and dry afternoon and dies. We are destroyed by your anger and your wrath leaves us terrified. You put our iniquities before thee, and in thy light, examins our secret sins. Suddenly, our days are cut by thine anger; our life ends like a breath. Only live about seventy years, and the strongest reach the eighties, but those years only bring fatigue and afflictions. Life is soon over, and we are gone. Anyone who has felt the great power of your anger? Who knows fear that your wrath produces?

Let them know how few days of our life so that we have a wise heart. Look again for us, O Lord God! How long will last your anger? Have compassion on your servants. It feeds in the morning with your love, until we are satisfied that we may sing and rejoice in a lifetime. It gives us much happiness now as well as in this much sorrow in the past, in those years when we had troubles. May your servants see the great things you do! And that our descendants see your glorious power! Pour over us your blessings, O Lord our God! Give us success in all we do; yes, give us success at all. – Psalm 90

A big hug and be with God

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