Prayer against sadness

Prayer against sadness

My God, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I ask leave, and put myself in his glorious presence to ask him to the Lord, mightily, remove from my life anything that causes me sorrow, pain and suffering. Dad, I do not know what happens to me. Sometimes I'm fine, but suddenly, out of nowhere, comes a strong sense of sadness that covers all my heart, mind and spirit and makes me very badly. I get really sad. I'm depressed and unwilling to live.

So my God! With all faith and certainty of victory, I refer to your great love and power, and I ask the Lord to change my story. Father! Please make a complete transformation in my life. Release me! I do not like to live like this. I am absolutely sure that the Lord also did not make me to live this life in half. So my God, I ask you: in with all his strength and power in my body, heart, mind and spirit and take out from there all kinds of work or evil spirits and also all that is causing in my life, oppression, depression , grief, worry, lack of faith, despair, slavery, lack of enthusiasm, sadness, emotional suffering, physical, emotional or spiritual.

Father! Have mercy on me. Give me redoubled doses of his great wisdom so I can understand once and for all that the world is not able to make me truly happy. Teach me Father! Record deep in my heart that true joy comes from you only. Happiness lives in her loving and kind heart and that the Lord distributes free of charge to all people, with perseverance and purity of heart, ask for this grace of the Lord.

My Eternal God, in the name of the Lord Jesus with all my heart, I thank you for the great liberation and transformation that the Lord has made in all areas of my life taking of my ways, all that enslaved me, caused sadness, depression , physical, emotional, sentimental, professional and spiritual. Amen and Thank God!

A big hug and be with God

Edilson Rodrigues Silva

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