Psalm 19 – Prayer for wisdom and thank the blessings of God – God’s Word for Today

Psalm 19 - Prayer for wisdom and thank the blessings of God - God's Word for Today

Heaven announces the glory of God and shows us what his hands have done. Each day speaks of this glory to the next day, and each night repeats it to another night. There is no speech or language, and do not hear any sound. However, the voice of the sky spreads over the world, and his words reach the whole earth. God in heaven pitched a tent for the sun. The sun comes out there all gay as a bridegroom, like an eager athlete to enter a race. The sun comes out one side of the sky and goes to the other side; Nothing can hide from its heat.

The law of the Lord is perfect and gives us new strength. Their advice can be trusted and give wisdom to ordinary people. The Lord's teachings are right, rejoicing the heart. His teachings are clear and illuminate our minds. The fear of the LORD is good and lasts forever. Your judgments are just and always based on the truth. Its teachings are more precious than gold, even than much fine gold. Are sweeter than honey, sweeter even than the purest honey.

Lord, your teachings give wisdom to me, your servant, and I am rewarded when I obey them. Who can see your own mistakes? Purify me, Lord, the faults I make without realizing it. Deliver me also from the sins I commit willingly; do not let them dominate me. So I will be a right person and I will be free from grave sin of disobedience to you. That my words and my thoughts be acceptable to you, O LORD, my rock and my defender! – Psalm 19

A big hug and be with God

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