Happy is he who believes without seeing. – God’s Word for Today

Happy is he who believes without seeing. - God's Word for Today

Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed. – John 20:29

True faith is manifested when we carry in our hearts the absolute certainty of the materialization of the things we expect or desire. When we believe with all our heart that the Lord Jesus is risen and he is alive among us, this provides great changes to our lives. Why does this happen?

When we walk frequently in the company of someone we are subject to get good features and bad on the character or conduct of another person. The same thing happens in many other areas of our lives. If we walk with someone who has good virtues we ended up getting the good characteristics that person has. On the other hand, when we walk in the midst of bad company, inevitably, we will take these people what they have to evil and negative.

Now! Imagine what can happen when a person walks next to own perfection. Walking next to perfection? Yes! Walking with the Lord Jesus. When we walk with the Lord Jesus we have all the conditions to receive it, the wonderful virtues, strength, power that come from His heart. That's why, our life changes. For where arrives to perfection, all that is imperfect: the devil works, disease and everything that is related to evil can not resist his presence and end up leaving. Now! If our life changes is because it is the Lord Jesus is acting on it. If Jesus acts today is because He is alive. If he is alive, in fact he is risen. Thus, our faith in Him is also true and living. We can experience all that faith and change in our lives when we open our hearts and believe in Jesus and in his resurrection, even without having seen Jesus, and not the great victory Him to overcome death.

A big hug and be with God

Edilson Rodrigues Silva

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