Psalm 85 – Prayer for restoration of financial life – God’s Word for Today

Psalm 85 - Prayer for restoration of financial life - God's Word for Today

O Lord God, you have been good to your land; You have made Israel prosper again. You forgave all the sins of your people and not you looked for their evil deeds. Calmed all your wrath and you left aside the fire of your anger. Let them prosper again, O God our Savior, and do not keep angry with your people! Will you be angry forever against us? Will your anger will never end? It gives us strength again and so your people will rejoice because of you.

Show us, O Lord God, your love and give us your salvation! I listen to what the Lord is saying. For us, his people, for we who are believers, it promises peace will not return to our madness paths. In fact, God is ready to save those who fear him so that his saving presence to stay in our land. The love and faithfulness will meet; justice and peace will embrace. The loyalty of the people shall spring from the earth, and God's righteousness will look down from heaven. The Lord God will give us what is good, and our land will yield its crops. Righteousness will go before the Lord and prepare the way for him. – Psalm 85

A big hug and be with God.

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