He said he will be separated from his wife to be with me – God’s Word for Today

He said he will be separated from his wife to be with me - God's Word for Today

Dear friend, if you are living this kind of situation I would like to leave you some very important information: God never bring happiness to someone at the expense of someone else's misfortune. I know you like him very much, but in a situation like this you should not be selfish. Not only think about what you feel or your own pleasure. Remember that on the other side of the story there are other people who have their lives impacted terribly for you to be "happy". Will it make you happy? I am sure that it is not.

If you really want to be happy in the love life you are following a very wrong turn. This type of situation is not, by far, the proper way to true happiness. Though he will leave his wife and children to stay with you (I sincerely hope that this does not happen) know that, before the world can all this to look normal, but with God it is completely disapproved. God's Word is clear on this matter:

What God has joined together, let not man put asunder. – Mark 10: 9.

You want to see fighting with God? You want to measure forces with him? To the world, this kind of selfish behavior in which anything goes to be happy, is something very natural, but before God it is a curse to the lives of those who do this kind of option. Those who live this kind of situation is living a life of sin. And because of this life in sin, they are opened many doors for the curses enter the lives of those involved.

Curse is the opposite of blessing. Happiness is the fruit of a blessed life. Unhappiness is the fruit of a cursed life. So my friend, if you are looking for the long awaited peace, joy, prosperity, love and happiness, this way of destroying the marriage or union else thinking only in their own interests, is not the true path that will lead you to have a meeting with their dreams. Quite the opposite. This kind of situation will make your life a tremendous nightmare.

We have seen that hinder the union of others to get himself a supposed happiness is not a path to true peace and joy, but a way to much pain and suffering. On the other hand, give a "love" or a very strong feeling that we feel for someone, it is also another great way to suffering. Therefore we can conclude that, for this type of case, regardless of the way forward, the result is always the same: a lot of pain and suffering.

That's right. If you end the relationship with this married man you will suffer. If you wait and help him to his family to separate after you dwell together, because of the curse, you and he will also have many aches and pains. And now? What to do? It all sounds so similar.

My dear friend, is not all the same. Ideally, this illicit relationship with a married man had not started, but as it is, and this brings, and will bring much suffering to you, it is important that, as of today, you do the right thing: to end this relationship . One thing should be clear: There is no way to escape from suffering. This is a situation that does not offer a third or more options. It only offers two options: to suffer for doing wrong or suffer for doing good.

I recommend you make the choice for the second: to suffer for doing good. Do good for you and for everyone else involved in this web of destruction and misery. The word of God teaches us this:

It is better to suffer for doing good, if this is God's will, than for doing evil. – 1 Peter 3:17

That's what you should do. Put an end to this relationship with a married man. Yes, you will suffer a lot. But keep in mind one thing. You will suffer the most beautiful of suffering: the true love of suffering. Suffering for doing good for you and especially for the other people involved. This is a great way to happiness: the path of true love.

So this is my friend, prepare to suffer. But also prepare to be truly happy. When we let true love acting and command the in our lives, it leads us to the heart of the heart of God. And there is the heart of our Lord Jesus – the one who loved and suffered as anyone- is that it is the ultimate destination for those looking for true love and eternal happiness.

Do it. Trust in god. always walk in the ways of the Lord that He will take your life and your heart everything that makes you unhappy. He will also powerfully open the doors and windows of heaven for many, many blessings are poured out richly in all areas of your life.

A big hug and be with God.

Edilson Rodrigues Silva

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