How to have a strong faith IV

How to have a strong faith IV

God's Word for today we will see another beautiful message about how to have strong faith. In today's message we will see a kind of faith that serves as an example for all of us who expect some promise of God for our lives.

As it is written: ". I have made you the father of many nations" So the promise depends on God, in whom Abraham believed, the God who raises the dead and makes there which does not existia.18 – Abraham had faith and hope, even when there was reason to hope, and so he became "the father of many nations." As the Scriptures say. "Your descendants will be many" 19 – Abraham was nearly one hundred years. But even when he thought about his body, already dead, or when reminded that Sarah could not have children, his faith did not weaken. 20 – Abraham did not lose faith or doubted God's promise. His faith filled him with power, and he praised God 21 – because he had all the assurance that God could do what he had promised. – Romans 4:17 to 21

God had made a promise to Abraham. God had said that he had made Abraham the father of many nations. The Word of God in the form of promise is so. It tells us something very strong in our hearts. The promise of God comes when we are reading or listening to the Word of God. We are aware of what is being said and, suddenly, that Word and hits us in his heart and then imagine: That was for me! Thus is born a promise of God for the life of everyone who believes.

When we received a promise from God, just as Abraham did, we must keep this promise in our hearts. Notice that God did not speak to Abraham that He would do. God said that he had already made Abraham the father of many nations. Abraham believed that God's promise even when everything in his life spoke otherwise. Time was passing and all spoke it would not work, anyway Abraham believed. His body and his wife's, spoke every day that God's promise would not be fulfilled, Abraham believed anyway.

Even before all impossible that it had in the life of Abraham his faith did not weaken, on the contrary, it grew and grew more powerful day. It happened this way because Abraham had no faith in any thought or word of himself, but because he had faith in the promise in the Word of God that had been addressed to his life. Abraham's faith not retreated because he knew there was a God in his life. A God who does not fail. A God who does not lie. A God who always fulfills everything that He promises.

Abraham's faith is something that really calling us much attention. If we put ourselves in his place we see that he did have a very special faith. Can you imagine us going through the situation that he and Sara spent? We look at our body and see that they were getting older and weakened day. And these same bodies saying we should forget everything that God's promise would not be fulfilled. There is a great secret of Abraham's faith. He did not look at what he saw. He did not look at his body or Sara. He did not look at the strength of the man or woman. He looked at the strength and the power of God. He looked at the invisible. He was looking at the promise of God already fulfilled in their lives.

Another thing that draws a lot of attention in the faith of Abraham is that the time go by and his faith gradually increasing and he go praising God. Strange that does not? With us is just the opposite. The longer we linger to see a promise of God take place in our lives our faith will weaken, we start to murmur and we're getting more discouraged day (as). Abraham was different. The more time passed more his faith grew. Do you know why this happened? Why did Abraham knew the Lord would not fail. Abraham knew that each passing day was his victory be closer. And he adored and glorified God for that.

A big hug and be with God

Edilson Rodrigues Silva

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