God Bless each other and I do not

God Bless each other and I do not

God's Word for today we will see the reasons that can lead a person to be more blessed than others.

Basically, there are four major factors that make a difference in the life of a person who sees the Lord's blessings happen in the life of another, and do not see anything happening in your life. They are: love for God, obedience to the Word of God, faith in God's Word and perseverance in the walk with God.

1 – Love of God. – When we love God with all our heart, intelligence and spirit. He comes to live in us. When God comes to live within us, all the blessings and all that is good, pure, strong, excellent, virtuous, powerful and wonderful part of life of the Father, also become part of our lives.

It happened in the life of Joseph in Egypt and of King David. It was also what happened in the lives of so many other Bible characters who were very successful in whatever they did, and in all the places they passed. They were people who loved God above all things. God was always with these people because they always were, and loved God.

2 – Obedience to God's Word. – When we obey the Word of God we are showing with our attitudes, and our lives, we really love God. A great way to express our love for God is so, obey and do whatever he tells us to do according to His Word.

Obey the Word of God is fundamental to receive the blessings of the Lord. We must always be good land. When we do our hearts good land, the message of the Word of God enters our hearts, we receive, believe, and without hesitation, we obey what she tells us to do. The result is that the person doing so, reap thirty, sixty or a hundred times more than was sown in her heart.

3 – The manifestation of faith – When we love and obey God's truth, our faith in the strength and power of Him, automatically manifest. When someone puts their faith in action it makes God's blessings to materialize in her life.

The demonstration of faith is very important for anyone who wants to see the blessings of God being poured out upon his life. When we express our faith we are saying to God that we love and believe without doubt ever that he is strong and able to do anything, especially what He has already promised to do.

The manifestation of faith made a difference in the life of Caleb and Joshua. Twelve men were sent to probe the enemy's land, but only Caleb and Joshua trusted the word of God and expressed the faith they had in the victory that the Lord had promised to give the people of Israel. These valiant men of faith were taken by a different spirit which meant that only they, the twelve that were sent, entered the promised land. They were taken by the spirit of faith. Faith in the strength and power of the Word of God.

It was precisely the opposite of what made the personal attendant of the king in the episode of the siege of Israel where the prophet Elisha said:

– Listen to what the LORD says: "Tomorrow at this time, you can buy in Samaria three and a half kilos of the best wheat or seven kilos of barley for a silver bar. "2 – The personal attendant of the king said to Elisha – Even if the Lord God would open windows in heaven, and did fall wheat and barley, it could never happen! Elisha replied: – With your own eyes you will see it happen, but will not eat. 2 Kings 7: 1 to 2

The personal attendant of the king did not believe in God's Word that was sent through the prophet Elisha, and because of unbelief and his disobedience, only his neighbor is one who can enjoy the blessing that the Lord had promised, and indeed sent .

4 – Perseverance in the walk with God – when we endure in walking with God does not like giving anything wrong. God's blessings and success of all our projects are completely secured.

The seasoning of everything we've seen so far is perseverance. The person who perseveres in the walk with God may even see the blessing take, but she will always see the victory coming. Love God, obey God, have faith in God's Word, and always persevere: this is the great secret to anyone who wants to see the blessings of God be poured out abundantly in your life.

A big hug and be with God

Edilson Rodrigues Silva

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