Faith in God always

Faith in God always

God's Word for today we will see that our faith in God must be tireless He is the one who has the strength and power to change our history. Only our God can be born in us a completely new and blessed life.

The desert shall rejoice, and flowers will grow in drylands; full of flowers, the desert will sing for joy. God will make it as beautiful as the Lebanons hills, as fertile as Mount Carmel and the valley of Sharon. Everyone will see the glory of the LORD will see the greatness of our God. – ISA 35: 1 to 2

Today you live with pain, tears, sorrow and loneliness. The terrible storms of life have made her life a barren and dry desert. Today the sands invaded his life is lacking courage, courage, employment, health, prosperity, holiness, motivation, optimism, enthusiasm, faith, trust … Hope. Finally! It is missing everything. Do not freak out. Calm! The Lord has not forsaken you. Always believe it: The Lord will not abandon you ever. Always trust in the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit of God. Lift the head. Take a deep breath because its history is close to change. Get up. Look forward. What do you see? Only sand and more desert? No! That's not what you're expecting. Look beyond the hills. Do not look only what you see with your earthly eyes. Use your faith. Use your spiritual vision. Imagine. Serious in his heart. There it is: the promised land. There's the garden that the Lord God has prepared for you. No one comes to the promised land without first going through the desert. No one leaves the prison of slavery, clay and goes straight to the house of the Lord. There has to be change. There has to be clean. There has to be cleansing and life changing.

What will indicate whether you are clean or not the size of your faith. Is your faith who will make you walk straight to the house of the Father. The more faith you have more pure (a) you will get. More free from sin and unbelief you will be. The more faith you have closer to you will approach the Father and His blessings. Do not be deceived. The enemy does not want you to see any of it. He will always be surrounding you waiting for a chance to steal your faith and you deviate from the Father's house. Every time you feel like quitting celebrate! That's right! Celebrate not the will to give up, but because his victory is near. It is so close that the devil is fed up to see it, and he is all the time trying to make you give up. But he is losing his time. It is useless all this because you are strong. You are of the faith. You are brave. Are you brave (a). You are a child (a) of Abraham. You are a child (a) the promise. And against God's elect the enemy can not prevail.

Even if you're walking through dark valleys and the shadow of death, fear not because the Lord is always with you. Hold tight. Take another step. Look ahead and keep walking. His victory already on the horizon. Soon all this will change. The Lord will make your wilderness become a beautiful and prosperous garden. A garden with beautiful fountains of crystal clear water, colorful flowers, butterflies, birds, corners and endless praise. A whole new life, prosperous, happy and very blessed. The Lord will use his life as a testimony to their co-workers, family, neighbors and the whole world know that there is rather a strong, alive and tremendously powerful God working in your life to make you happy and make everything what you want your heart.

A big hug and be with God.

Edilson Rodrigues Silva

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