I can not finish what you started

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God's word for today we will see that many people feel very bad when they start something and not finish. It should not be so, but within that person usually gets a little feeling of defeat. Let's see how you can improve it:

Before you start something we have to consider the pros and cons, the benefits and sacrifices, and other very important things that will make a difference in motivating someone who starts something and want to get somewhere. The Lord Jesus taught us that those who wanted to follow him should know that he would be going down a road of no return. That person should be willing to give everything. Absolutely everything, including his own life. Just as He would give His life.

Anyone who wants to follow me can not be my follower if not love me more than you love your father, your mother, your wife, your children, your brothers, your sisters, and even yourself. 27 – I can not be my follower who is not ready to die and I will die and join me. 28 – If one of you wants to build a tower, first sit down and calculate how much it will cost, to see if the money gives. 29 – If you do not, it can lay the foundation, but can not finish the construction. Then all who see what happened will make fun of him, saying, 30 – "This man began to build, but could not finish! "33 – So none of you can be my disciple if you do not leave everything you have. Luke 14: 26-30 and 33

In this parable the Lord Jesus teaches us that before we do something we have to think very carefully about the decision that we take. The motivation to achieve a goal born of prior knowledge of the cause and a very definite decision. When someone does not finish something started is because they do not know well where he was going or did not reflect the need to make your choice. When we really know about it, and decided that we will get somewhere, nothing in the safe. A particular person is a person of great vigor. He is a person doing the possible and the impossible to achieve the target. So if you want to finish everything you start remember this:
The end of a matter is better than its beginning. – Ecclesiastes 7: 8.

It is much better reap the laurels for having persevered and attained the goal of the applause at the time of departure. What will determine whether or not we reap the laurels of victory is our preparation. It is our knowledge of the cause. And our firm decision to go straight ahead towards the goal, at all costs.

A big hug and be with God
Edilson Rodrigues Silva

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