How overcome discouragement

How overcome discouragement

God's Word for today we will see how we can fight discouragement. How can we fight and win this state of mind that causes us to have no strength and no motivation for anything.

Mood, among other things means soul or spirit. A person with courage is a person with a soul, a spirit. It's a person alive. On the other hand a person with depression is a person momentarily devoid of soul, spirit. When we are discouraged, it is like at that moment, devoid of soul, spirit and life. It is as if we are temporarily dead.

– Lazarus come out! – John 11:43

If you are very discouraged (a) in life or with life, I would suggest a little exercise of faith for you. Close your eyes and imagine you are inside that tomb of Lazarus. Use your creativity. That! Go there. Imagine the stone closing. Now, already inside the grave, think of all the problems that are leading you to become so discouraged (a). That! Think of all of them. From the least to the greatest. Symbolically put them all there in the corner of the tomb. That! Place one by one. Now, silence your mind. I do not think about anything else. Just listen. Listen Jesus who just arrived. Listen to the noise of the people. Now hear Jesus speaking: – Take away the stone! Listen to the sound of stone being removed. Look at the light that is coming into place. See the dust rising up and listen to your Lord calling you:

Maria, come out!
John, come out!
Peter, come out!
Joseph, come out!
Marian, come out!
Alvaro, come out!
Wilma, come out!

Go! Go against the Lord. Jesus is calling you. Do not look for anything else. Just look at Jesus. Look forward. Leave it to what was hurting you or overwhelmed you there in death hole. Listen to the voice of their God. Exit the tomb. Get out of jail. Come into the light. Come to life. Jesus is raising your emotional life, sentimental, professional, financial and spiritual. Jesus is calling you, Come and receive from Him the strength and power from on high so that you can overcome and win this feeling of death that insists on imprisoning his life. Come and receive the Holy Spirit of God that Jesus wants to blow in his life, and put all her strength, power, and life that comes straight from the heart of God.

A big hug and be with God

Edilson Rodrigues Silva

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