I am not happy in my job


Our job is very important. We spend a third or more of our lives in our workplace. We'll see in the Word of God for today what can one do to be happy in your job or in your workplace.

There are many variables involved in this matter of satisfaction and professional fulfillment. For today's message we will cover two points which greatly contribute to the satisfaction of someone in your job or in your workplace: The work performed and relationships in the workplace. We will see more information on each of these points:

On the workplace relationships:

Unfortunately it is not everyone who can say it has great facility to get along at all levels. It is quite common for someone, try, and you can not get along with a superior or with one or more co-workers. When this happens what to do? The first thing to do is to see if the person is having such difficulty can do something to improve. Ex. Seek help from a specialist. Improve his performance (a) at work. Be more helpful (a) with colleagues. Find More forgive the faults of colleagues. Apologize when wrong. More join the group. Thinking on the team. Do not give much importance to criticism and jokes and etc. Finally! Search locate what (s) he can do to have a better working environment. For some people this kind of problem is very important. So who has this kind of difficulty must work hard to try to change this unfavorable situation. If you can? Great! If unsuccessful. What remains is to request a transfer to another sector of the company, or look for another job where she can be happier in personal relationships.

On the work performed. The activity itself:

Another point of fundamental importance for the personal job satisfaction is the activity performed. Many people say they are unhappy in their workplace because they spend many hours of the day doing things they do not like to do. What to do then? The first thing to do is to identify what the person likes to do. Eg. The person likes animals, likes to help people and also very fond of mathematics. What one needs is to identify which of these areas she would like to work more. Which of these areas she could spend more hours working. That's what has to be done: make it clear what is the activity that attracts more determined person. How to do this? To be able to have that kind of revelation, and also others of equal value, it is very important to do as she did a great character of the Bible, King David. When David had any questions he always asked orientation to God. For example, because of invasions or other local issues, David always was about to be attacked or attack an enemy people. He had soldiers and all other conditions to overcome a likely battle. Still, David always asked God's guidance. He prayed to God and asked: Lord God of Israel I must attack this enemy? The Lord will give me the victory? And God always answered to David. That is what we should also do good.

 – But that I already do. I pray to God and ask the Lord to give me a direction. An answer. And nothing happens?

Is true! This happens even. Again let's take David as an example. David was known as a man after God's own heart. This condition is after the heart of God has much to do with faith and with the close relationship he had with the Lord. Often the word of God says that the Lord was, or walked with David. To God be, or ride with someone, that someone needs to wake up in God something special. That's not what happens to us humans? We accidently spent riding with someone who does not like us? With someone who prevents us? With someone who lives hiding from us? With someone who lives by changing our friendship by friendship of our enemy? For someone who does not remember that we exist? For someone living in hurting? Of course not. So David was a man after God's own heart. David knew, trusted and loved God. From his early years David had a very close relationship with God. This we can prove when we look at what did David said after hearing the giant Goliath threats when he defied Israel.

David said: "After all, who is this heathen Philistine to defy the armies of the living God?" – 1 Samuel 17:26. By these words it gives to clearly realize that David had received threats of Goliath as an affront to God himself, the people of Israel and himself. What's more, that skinny kid of about sixteen-year-old also said, "The Lord saved me from lions and bears and save me also this Philistine." – 1 Samuel 17:37. Note that even before David was there before that giant Goliath affront, he already had God's help to overcome lions and bears. You see it was not a lion and a bear. Were lions and bears that David, with God's help, killed them with his bare hands. That's great advantage of walking with God. When we walk very close to God we can count on His help. We can talk to him and hear what he has to say. Unfortunately many people want and need to talk to God, but He can not hear because they are far from the Lord. And how to stay close to God? What makes us stand apart from God are our sins. Just that we ask forgiveness for our sins, that we abandon, we will be taking a huge step in the direction of the Lord.

Continuing: after someone pray and ask God's direction on what the activities which that person must devote she should search the company where she works whether there is any chance of it developing there. If so, one should seek to empower to exercise this possible new job. Once you already have the necessary training to talk to his superiors to see if a sector transfer is possible. If all goes well in the same company, great. If this is not possible, it is necessary that the person find another job where she can be really happy doing what she likes. And how? Before anyone go around looking for a new job it is important that this person make a saving to meet the possible needs that may arise during this period of transition. Remembering always that it is very indicated only out of a job when you already have other secured employment. And also! It is more fundamental still, before giving every step, always make everything as David did, pray to God and ask Him, in the name of the Lord Jesus, He gives us the guidance and the direction we must take.

A big hug and be with God

Edilson Rodrigues Silva

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