I just am interested in married men

I just am interested in married men

Many women go through this kind of situation. This ends very disturbing sentimental lives and also brings a lot of pain, suffering and destruction to the lives of many others. God's Word for today let's see what might be going on behind this kind of behavior.

I just am interested in married men. I know this is not right, but I can not help it. Why does this happen to me?

When a woman is interested in a married man she's doing something that's not right. Something that is not of good character. Something that is immoral. Thus we can already say that the woman who has this kind of behavior, at least, has with her an evil spirit from sexual immorality. And look who just this demon of caste already enough to bring much destruction and death from where he is.

The word of God teaches us that there is within each of us a constant spiritual warfare. This battle is fought between our human nature (dominated by the devil) and our spiritual nature (dominated by the Holy Spirit of God). An interesting fact is that this battle in the end, the human being is the one who decides who will win this battle. In the meantime, each of these fighters waging great battles in order to have the right to dominate our lives. How can we know who is dominating our lives right now? To know that's just look at the fruits that are producing:

1 – The fruits of human nature are:

Sexual immorality, impurity, indecent actions, idol worship, witchcraft, hatred, strife, jealousies, outbursts of anger, selfish ambition, disunity, division, envy and drunkenness.

2 – The fruits of the spiritual nature are:

Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility and self-control.

As we can see, sexual immorality is on the list of the fruits of human nature. The nature which is governed by the devil. Why does it happen? This sort of thing happens because the person who lives according to the carnal nature, it rejects things that are of spiritual nature. Who rejects the things of the Holy Spirit of God, rejects God himself. Those who reject God, eventually becomes an enemy of God. When one is far from God she is free to do what she wants. She is free to be able to live any errors, mistakes and pitfalls created by their own emotions and desires. In other words, the person is totally amenable to all types of demons. And look, they are not few.

Imagine the following situation: there is a fortress which is closely guarded. And outside is the evil that wants to invade this fortress. Evil wants to invade, but he finds a way to do this. Then evil is surrounding the fortress and is waiting to attack any occasion. How evil can not break into the fortress then it starts to infect with evil some of those people who live there, and from time to time come out. To return into the barracks, those few people who have been infected go on to live normally there. If these people are not immediately identified and untreated, so they end up contaminating the whole fortress and making one day she will be totally destroyed.

This fortress is our body. The place where he lives the Holy Spirit of God. People who were infected representing our thoughts and desires. The ultimate goal of evil is this: to steal and kill and destroy. Steal our communion with God. Destroy the Holy Spirit of God who lives in us and eventually kill us. That's why you're interested in a married man. Because the evil that is acting and destroying their lives, looking for other lives to destroy. He, evil is always lurking to catch the wandering male spirits. The face of evil, the weak and distant spirits of God are extremely easy prey. That is why evil use you. It uses you as a trap, like a deep, narrow pit. Where the weak and vacillating men fall, and if the mercy of God does not act in their lives, they can not get out. This is how bad will using and getting you what he wants: to destroy families and people. The person who has her life totally dominated by evil it ends up being a messenger of this bad. Where that person is present, always directed by the evil that is in her life, she looks for opportunities to seduce and infect other people. This deposit for new seeds and grow new evil fruit. Of course, all this is a very sad result. The result of this kind of life is not good. Both people living within this vicious circle, for the people who are victims of it, unfortunately, will reap rewards as death. On the other hand, people who live according to the spiritual nature will reap life.

What I have to do to change that?

To change this you should leave the life you have led according to his carnal nature and seek to develop their spiritual life next to God. Look at the fruits that the carnal nature has produced in his life. Do not allow more than your life produces these bad things. Infrequent more places that you attended so far, avoid friendships, behaviors, habits, attitudes, thoughts and all sorts of things that was part of his old life. Remove from the world of flesh and throw yourself headlong into the world of the Spirit. Repent of your sins. Stop practicing these sins and closer to God. Jesus is the author and finisher of our faith. Surrender your life to Him and the Holy Spirit of God will give you a whole new life. Jesus will withdraw from all areas of your life, all kinds of malignant contamination. And it will do too, that his new life is powerfully happy and blessed.

A big hug and be with God

Edilson Rodrigues Silva

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