I miss my, my ex

I miss my, my ex

God's Word for today we will see that when we use the prefix ex accompanied by a hyphen want to indicate that an old role or situation no longer exists. For example: former employee, former president, ex-wife, ex-boyfriend and etc. It is something that existed and now no longer exists.

Let's be practical? Let's use our reason? Why are you here wasting your precious time and part of his life with something that no longer exists? Mainly because of an ex-boyfriend (a). Why stand there thinking and suffering by a person who has been important in your life, but now he (a) is no longer part of it.

– I know that, but I still like him a lot (a).

My friend, my friend, okay! It's all right. I get it. Love is beautiful. I can understand that you still like him (a), but you have to leave your heart aside and look at the facts. Excuse me if this will hurt you and your feelings, but you must: (S) he does not like you anymore. If (s) he liked you (s) he would be there by your side. What that person felt for you can be a lot of stuff like: physical attraction, affection, pity, sympathy, affinity, companionship, friendship, consideration, respect … Anyway! A lot of good feelings, but it was not love. And now? You will do what with this reality? Will continue denying? You will prefer to live in illusion and deception? It will stay there the rest of his life whining, crying and grieving for someone who did not want you the way you are. This is not good is not it? Then react. Force! Come on. Get up. God's Holy Spirit to have a message for you:

Always look forward, keep your eyes on what's ahead of you – Proverbs 4:25

Forget what happened. Look forward. Look for your happiness. Today it is felled (o), sad, and is suffering because you are looking at the past. OK! The past was good. It was tasty. But he ended up. Let me repeat: It was. Ended. Forget the past. Look forward. Cling to God and ask Him in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ put his life on the person who will actually make your heart be happy and jump for joy for the rest of your life. It is matched? Remember: Look ahead. Look forward. Ahead. Always. You are more than a conqueror (a) in Jesus our great God and Savior.

A big hug and be with God

Edilson Rodrigues Silva

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