Seven ways, your enemies will flee from you


You're being chased (a) in their work, at home, in business, in the family, church, club, on the street, at school or anywhere else. You are being mocked by, humiliation. The enemy is telling you: where is your God? their God is sleeping? The enemy is saying that it will destroy your marriage, your health, your family, your holiness, your job, your ministry, their communion with God, your career, your children, your business, your dreams, your life …

One way come out against you but by seven ways they will flee before thee. – Deuteronomy 28: 7

No. Pay no attention to anything that comes from failure. He has no morals. He is defeated, and he wants to impose this defeat in our lives. Today I would like you to use your imagination. Imagine that the Lord God of Israel is there by your side. Imagine that He is holding you and talking to you …

Son, daughter I'm following everything. I'm seeing her struggle. I see everything that is happening to you. I would like to tell you that I'm happy to see you have such faith, strength and perseverance. That's right. I was very happy. That's it, do not be discouraged never. The fight goes on. You are not fighting against men, but against the forces of hell. Always have a lot of faith. Be strong. Be brave (a). But now I would like to propose something to you. Rest daughter. Rest son. Delivered this battle for me. No! Do not be afraid. Has no doubts. Just believe. This fight is not yours. This is my fight. That's right! This battle is mine. Just trust me. Calm your heart. Go rest. Now I am in control. I will fight for you. I am your defense. I am your protection. I am your shield. No weapon forged by hell prevail against you because I am your strength. I am your power. I am your God. Trust in me. Rely on my strength. Trust in my infinite power. I'll make all these enemies who are now attacking all areas of your life go dashing away from his presence. Son, daughter can start celebrating. That! Celebrate! I already gave you the victory! Amen!

A big hug and be with God

Edilson Rodrigues Silva

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