Be Extraordinary (a) and conquer your success

Be Extraordinary (a) and conquer your success

Being extraordinary is not ordinary. Being extraordinary is not common. What is common? Being common is to be what everyone is. You do what everyone else does. God's Word for today we will speak of being, and to make a difference. Let's talk to be more and better. Let's talk about a feature that has the power to make you a (a) professional or entrepreneur (a) of success. Let the Word of God:

Have you seen a man who is skilled in his work? He will take position before kings, not before ordinary men. – Proverbs 22:29

A skilled handyman or woman is one who specializes in something. A person who engages in an occupation or activity. In other words, you are a person who knows everything about a certain subject.

Today's Word is showing us a big secret that has worked for many centuries. Specialization. You want to do well in your professional life or your business life: it is a (a) specialist. The first thing you should do is choose a practice area. A profession, a trade, an industry, a service or any other activity. Inside your activity you should be extraordinary (a). You should do more than their competitors do. They make common, but you as extraordinary (a), you will do much more.

For you to be an outstanding professional (a) you must be trained. To qualify you will need to take courses, attend events, conferences, exhibitions and lectures. However, I recommend that before you notice that Word:

Our sufficiency is from God. – 2 Corinthians 3: 5

You can make thousands of courses on a given subject and yet, can not be an extraordinary person in that area. You will just be a different person if you are also extraordinary (o) in their relationship with God. The strength, intelligence, wisdom, vigor, enthusiasm, energy, courage and power to overcome, they will not find things or people in the world. That you will only find in God. Very good. Now you know what you have to do. And how do all this? By prayer and communion with his God.

Enter the presence of God to ask for guidance on which area you should spend. Usually we have many interests. But you'll have to choose just one. Why that? To have focus. To get direction. In order to get results. To be a (a) specialist you have to devote. You have to give body and soul. So it is very important to pray to God and ask Him to the direction of what area you should spend. This first step is extremely important. You must make your choice and build it on the rock so that the winds and storms will not shake your design expertise.

Make your prayer. But here I leave a sample prayer:

Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I stand before him to ask the Lord a very important direction for my life. I want You to indicate to me what is the profession, office, occupation, function, service or activity that I should devote myself to me to be one (a) specialist. I know this is a very important decision. I need the Lord to help me in this matter. Father, I also pray that the Lord will remove from my life all spirits of confusion, confusion, illusion, fantasy and such that only invade my mind and my thinking for me deviate from my biggest goal is to choose the right profession, working with excellence, enjoy my work and be happy with the Lord and with all my family. Father, right now I appreciate your solution to my life. Amen and thank God.

Enter the presence of God in prayer as often as needed. Do this until you get him his true direction. Talk to Him. Are you a question? In the name of the Lord Jesus, talk to God. Speak to him of his projects. Their needs. Their fears. Do not be afraid to talk to your Father He is there precisely to this:. To guide you, help you, you strengthen and lead you to success.

A big hug and be with God

Edilson Rodrigues Silva

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