God is not listening to my prayer II

God is not listening to my prayer II

I wanted a better job, I wanted to win more, I wanted to be cured, wanted that man, that woman, I wanted to be a mother, I wanted to buy that house, that car, open my own business, I am my own boss or employer, financial independence, wanted to marry, put my kids in that school, make that college, traveling, that exchange, win, I want that … I wanted it and etc.

We ask God what we need is something very normal. Our God always wants our happiness. However, many people want something just to show that they are powerful, more educated, more successful. They want to get things to misuse. They want to get things to be proud of, to humiliate and to snub others. Things do not want to help others and make a better world. They want things only to satisfy your hunger for material goods and feed your selfishness and vanity.

Many times a person wants something, she prays, asks, crying, waiting in God and nothing happens. Then the person is sad, she cries, and some even become depressed because they can not what the heart desires.

Then one thinks: I am a miserable and naked poor. God has forgotten me.

Everything has a purpose in our lives. Our God is always the best for us. He is the Lord. He is the one who knows everything and everyone.

– What do the best? The best for me is to have my dreams and desires readily realized.

Not always. The word of God guides us:

From whence come wars and fightings among you? Come they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? Covet and you have nothing; then they kill. Covet and can not obtain; ye fight and war. I have nothing, because ye ask not. Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that you may spend it on your pleasures. – James 4: 1-3

God's Word we can see that Ana went through something very similar to what we just comment. We do not know what kind of emotion or feeling Ana was carrying in her heart. We only know that she suffered a lot and that was humiliated by either a very grace and that God's grace would not allow him to receive.

Ana wanted to be a mother, but the Lord did not allow her to be mother. Because God was not allowing Ana was mother? Ana was a proper woman and devout. Ana was loved by her husband. This was a matter between Hannah and God, as Elkanah, the husband of Ana, was a fertile man. Elkanah had already given two sons to Penina, the other wife.

Ana wanted to get, but the Lord did not allow her to receive. One day that changed. Ana asked for the gift of being a mother again, and the Lord immediately allowed her to be mother. I wonder what happened in the interval between these two stages so different? The only thing we can observe is that there was a prayer. That's it! A prayer. Amid much suffering, humiliation, and great distress, Hannah prayed to God and she got the gift of motherhood.

Is Hannah's prayer had something special? We will see?

– O Lord Almighty, look at me, your servant! See my trouble and remember me! Do not forget your servant! If you give me a son, I promise that I will dedicate to you for life. 1 Samuel 1:11

That day Ana did a small and sincere prayer with something more: a promise. Make a promise to God before Him is to assume the commitment to an offer in exchange for a grace received.

The fact is, Ana just received the gift of motherhood when she asked for God to perform her dream, by the promise that she, Ana, would deliver her son to do the work of God.

I asked for this child to God, the Lord, and he gave me what I asked. – 1 Samuel 1: 27

Ana was mother. And the fruit Ana's dream was the blessed prophet Samuel that after a while was delivered in the temple to lead a consecrated life in the service of God.

– But if Hannah had a son and she left the boy in the temple that grace was that story? She lost her son in the same way. Of what avail so much pain and suffering? But it was not like that story ended:

The Lord blessed Hannah, and she had three more sons and two daughters. – 1 Samuel 2:21

A big hug and be with God

Edilson Rodrigues Silva

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