Prayer for the relief and deliverance of God


1 – To the director of the choir. A Psalm of David. O Lord God, in you I seek refuge; deliver me from the shame of being defeated. Thou art fair; I ask you to help me.
2 – Listen to me and save me now. I ask you to be one under rock, a defense to save me.
3 – You are my rock and my fortress; lead me and guide me as promised.
4 – Do not let me fall into the trap they laid for me, for you are my refuge;
5 – in your hands I give my life. You will save me, O Lord, for thou art true God.
6 – I hate those who worship false gods; I, however, I put my trust in you.
7 – I shall be glad and rejoice because of your love. I see that I am suffering and know my wanderings.
8 – Do not you let my enemies caught me and delivered me from danger.
9 – O Lord God, have mercy on me, for I am poor! My eyes are tired from crying; I'm exhausted, body and soul.
10 – Sadness ended my strength; tears shorten my life. I am weak because of my affliction; until my bones are spending.
11 – My enemies make fun of me, and my neighbors also kids. My acquaintances are afraid of me and run away when they see me on the street.
12 – All forgotten me, as if I had died; I am like something that was thrown away.
13 – I hear many enemies whispering; there are people threatening me from all sides. They make plans against me, looking for a way to kill me.
14 – But my trust is in thee, O LORD; You are my God.
15 – You're always looking out for me. Save me from my enemies, from those who persecute me.
16 – Look kindly upon me, your servant; save me because of your love.
17 – O Lord God, I'm calling you. Deliver me from the shame of being defeated. The wicked suffer this shame and come down in silence for the dead!
18 – That keep quiet those liars, those proud and arrogant who speak with contempt against honest people!
19 – How wonderful are the good things that guards for those who fear you! Everyone can see how good you are and how you protect those who trust in you.
20 – With protection from thy presence, thou hast delivered from evil plans. A safe hiding place, thou hide the insults of his enemies.
21 – Praise be to God, the LORD! When my enemies surrounded me and attacked me, he showed, in a wonderful way, your love for me.
22 – I was afraid and thought he had kicked me out of his sight. But I heard my cry when I called for help.
23 – Love the LORD, all who are faithful! He protects those who are sincere, but he punishes the proud as they deserve.
24 – Be strong and take heart, all you who put your hope in God, the LORD! – Psalm 31

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