I’m suffering a lot

I'm suffering a lot

I'm suffering a lot. God gave me

And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you forever. John 14:16

But the Helper, the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in my name, I shall teach you all things and bring to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you. – John 14:26

When the Comforter is come, whom I will send you from the Father, the Spirit of truth who proceeds from the Father, he shall testify of me; John 15:26

Nevertheless I tell you the truth: It is expedient for you that I go; for if I go not away, the Comforter will not come unto you; but if I depart, I will send him to. John 16: 7

There are days when, because of the many troubles, problems and difficulties of life, we grumble and complain a lot. We know this does not please God. Sometimes, because of the fierce and constant attacks of the enemy of God in our lives, the situation is so complicated that at times, within us, until we come to doubt the existence of God.

This is very often the case when we pass through many tribulations. Such problems can occur in any area of ​​our life. Can be a problem at work, at home, on the street and even in the church itself. However, our God is a God friend, companion and faithful. One day he told us he would always be with us until the end of time. He actually said that. Moreover, he also told us that although eEle have to leave he would never leave us orphans because he would leave us your Holy Spirit to comfort us, encourage us, guide us and rebuild in case we were to discourage the walk or even to fall.

Those who know the story of Naomi knows very well what we mean. Naomi was going through a serious crisis and living hard times. She did not think of anything else unless God had abandoned her or that she was being punished for some sin committed. In developing the story we can see that all the evil that had fallen on the life of Naomi and her family was a reflection only of sin and the father of sin, for our God is a good God. The Most High God does not tempt anyone with any kind of evil. There can be no evil in the Lord of life, Lord of Good and Goodness.

With the story of Naomi and Ruth the Word of God teaches us about the wonderful divine help of our God on our lives and on the moments of great difficulty to which we are subject to pass. While Naomi was thinking that God had forsaken the Holy Spirit of God came into the young life of Ruth and made her, Ruth, became for his mother Naomi, a more precious person than seven sons. That's too wonderful.

This is how our God comes to our rescue. At the right time and in the most perfect way He plays in negative situations and turns all that is pain and suffering in blessing upon blessing. It's like the Apostle Paul says: Everything works for good to them that love God. The Lord God has the power to make any difficult situation turn into blessings, more blessings into the lives of your loved ones.

So even when we feel slaughtered and distressed with some kind of problem or difficulty we can not forget that we have a helper. We have a comforter. We have a helper that does not fail. Which are not absent. Who does not abandon us ever. Just to turn our face to Him, for Him is continually facing us.

When we experience the problems and anxieties of this life we ​​immediately change our focus. That time should stop as our thoughts of pain, suffering and difficulties of everyday life and concentrate on the real and true presence of our Lord, the Holy Spirit of God, our comforter that is always beside us, and our willingness to guide us, help and free us from all troubles and afflictions.

The Blessed Apostle Paul once said: Rejoice in the Lord always. Many of us, at first, when we are experiencing a serious problem or difficulty in life, do not understand or do not accept easily that word, but that word that the Holy Spirit of God put in the heart of the Apostle Paul is for us a wonderful blessing.

Let's see why?

How can we rejoice in God:

We have cancer;
If our child is sunk in drugs;
If our daughter is in prostitution;
If you can not stop drinking, smoking and using drugs;
If there in my work the thing is getting more complicated;
How to rejoice with God if my company is going into the hole;
As rejoice in God my body is getting sicker day;
How can we rejoice in God my husband or my wife are adulterers;
As rejoice in God my husband or wife left me.
As rejoice in God if I am suffering because of a broken heart.
As I argue in God my house is a mess.
As rejoice in God if I do not have peace and can not sleep right long ago.

As rejoice in God living a tragedy in my life? As rejoice in Jesus if I'm overcome with grief and suffering, how?

Brothers and sisters! God has no part with sin. The sin and the consequences of sin are all the work of the enemy of God. God has no part with evil. Our God does not rejoice in evil. It does not rejoice in iniquity. It does not rejoice in anything that would cause us pain and suffering because he, more than anyone else, loves us with a love that no one can ever understand. A love that makes us ashamed. A love that does not deserve to have or receive, but even so, he does not tire of declaring give us and love us.

And as proof of that love our God sent his beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ that He in cross sacrifice suffer our pain, received our punishment, he was humiliated by the humiliation and shame that actually was only our and that, in a gesture of incomprehensible love He finally died our death. All this He suffered for us noes we suffered more. He spent all of that so that we had in the blood of Him our eternal life with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit of God.

Who else would do it for you or for me?

The Lord Jesus Christ said it was important that he went to the Father because so comforting to come to us. This was done. Our Lord Jesus returned to the Father.

And we?

We was alone?
We abandoned this world of sin?
We were without a shepherd?
We were directionless and homeless?
We were unprotected and without those who defend us from the constant attacks of the enemy of God?

Not at all!

The Lord Jesus told us that He would, but that he would leave us his Holy Spirit. That's right! Our Lord Jesus left us the Holy Spirit from Him. That's why the very Spirit of God revealed to the Apostle Paul and said, Rejoice in the Lord always. It is as if the Apostle Paul said, Filinhos rejoice always in the Lord because the Lord is near, the Lord is always at our side. It is here in this moment with you. He is there by your side. Talk to Him. Talk to Him, tell Him of their distresses … From his pain … Of his problems, but mainly rejoice in that he is on their side.

How many would like to experience God in their lives. How many would like to leave your problems in God's arms to make sure that their anguish and suffering would be alleviated. How many people have to turn to. So the Holy Spirit is telling us. Look at me. I'm here by your side. Let me hold him, hug her. I want to comfort you. I want to feel your pain. I want to heal you. You are not alone. I am with you. Fear not. Leave here with me their problems, aches and pains. I am, and always will be with you. Just trust me.

No matter what problems you may be experiencing. Remember: the wonderful, kind, faithful and ever-present Holy Spirit of God always be at your side. Never doubt that.

We can not forget that our God has no part with evil. Every time we enter into communion with the Holy Spirit of God, every time we open the doors of our heart and, contrary to leave him only walking beside us and we let him enter our lives, evil has to leave.

That's right!

God has no part with evil. Where God is evil is not. Where the Lord Jesus Christ is evil can not stand. Where the Holy Spirit of God is evil is destroyed with his purifying fire.

That is why we must always rejoice in the presence of our God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit of God in our lives. If we do so as recommended in the life-giving Word of God to our lives will be completely transformed, will be full of joy, health, vitality, prosperity, life and strength that come from the Holy Trinity.

A big hug and be with God.

Edilson Rodrigues Silva

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