How to free myself from envy

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Envy is an evil feeling. It can completely destroy a person, family, pets, property, business or anything else that might be the target of it.

The person who envies the other she not only wants what the other has. She, the envious person, but her want what the other has, she still wants the destruction of the envied person. The envious person wants to have and want to enjoy alone what is on the other. Moreover, it, the envious person only satisfied completely when you can achieve your goal and stick with what is other and cause complete destruction of the envied person. That is why envy is known as the father of all sins.

It's something evil in the extreme. It is a major expression of the evil enemy of God and man who submit his stuff. Unfortunately, we live in this world of sin and overwhelmed by corruption and father of sin and therefore are subject to all of this.

When the demon was still an angel of light and he lived next to our God. One day, no one knows why or how, envy, greed and evil born in his heart and he wanted to be similar to or greater than our God the creator of the whole universe.

It was with this goal in my heart that he began to do everything in order to achieve their evil plans. First, he invested in lies and slander thereby causing a third of the angels of heaven entered the conversation would turn against him and the Supreme Creator.

From that episode was not possible that the devil continued to live with the Lord and he ended up, along with his followers, being expelled from our God Almighty company.

Unfortunately, it came to be here. And while our God had spent many guidelines for Adam and Eve, showing them what they could and what they could not do. They rebelled and gave more credit and confidence to the devil's conversation than to the guidelines of our God. That's it! Just as many men and women still do today.

Because of this, today we die, we can not live next to our God and we are subject to all the evil consequences of sin.

As we can see God's enemy can not get enough. The devil is the father of lies and the lord of sin until this day, it uses and abuses of their devices to infect with lies, with greed, with calumny, with jealousy and envy the hearts of men and women.

All this he does with the clear objective of continuing to corrupt God's sons and daughters making these begin to distrust and even discredit that our God is a strong and powerful living God, that He is the highest good and that He loves us like no one else can love us.

OK! Now we know that envy is a reality. Therefore what shall we do?

Not many people know how to fight this kind of situation and end up getting kind of neurotic and fads filled with everything and everyone. They end up thinking that all people are jealous of them.

Dear! There's no way to know who is or who is not jealous of us. Only our God has the power to probe the human heart, only God knows our feelings than the other nourishing for us.

Besides we do not have to probe the human heart, we have not the slightest power to fight the envy nor against the father of envy. Now! If we can not fight the envy nor against the devil, and now? What to do?

That's right! We have no condition to face these problems. We have no force or power that can fight the envy nor against the father of envy, but our Almighty God have. It is in Him that we must put all our trust and hope, is to Him that we should always turn to Him away from our family life, personal, financial or professional any kind of evil influence or envy someone or some evil spirit might be attacking us.

And how:

By prayer! Let's pray:

My God and my Father, in the glorious name of the Lord Jesus Christ, depart from my life all persons or evil spirits that might be willing to any kind of sense of greed or jealousy over all things that belong to me, of all people, animals, material and immaterial goods that the Lord has placed in my life.

Lord, in the name of your beloved Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, I ask you that you protect with strong arms all my relationships, my financial life, my love life, my marriage, my professional life, my job, my body, my health, my mind, my heart and all my possessions.

My God and Lord, the Mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ, increase my faith for me to understand once and for all that the Holy Trinity is always present in my life to protect and rid me of all the attacks of my enemies because where the Holy Trinity dwells evil has no way to prevail.

Thank God and my Father. In the victorious name of your Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, right now I thank him for his very powerful Holy Spirit in my life and the lives of my entire family. Also, thank you for your powerful protection, deliverance and freedom from all sense of greed or envy.

Father, In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, right now I thank you for my deliverance from every evil influence, thought or feeling of envy. Amen and thank God.

Stay in the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Edilson Rodrigues Silva

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