My mother in law does not like me

My mother does not like me

It is very likely that within the heart of her mother in law there is a thought like this: "This young man is not a good husband to my daughter or This girl will never be able to make my son happy."

This kind of tuning by the mother in law generates much suspicion and unfriendly behavior, especially if they observe something that allows them might think: "I have not spoken. Hand heart is not deceived "

The picture is the following: your mother in law does not feel firmly and do not sympathize with you and as a result you have a feeling like it. How long will it be? Unfortunately, if neither party does anything to change. This situation can last long. And how to change?

Someone has to give. Either you or your mother in law. This kind of antipathy can be reversed when one party decides to love another without expecting any reward for it.

– No chance! I my mother are very different. It has no chance of happening.

If you want to leave everything the way it is, it is very simple: do everything just as you have done. But if you want to see a change in your relationship eat her mother in law, change of attitude to her. It is not stoop. Not to humble. On the contrary. Change in this case means selflessness, detachment, love and desire to make a family life better.

Often only for pride, man decides to take a bad life, full of sorrow, bitterness and resentment. Do not expect your mother in law change. Change you.

A good way for you to change the relationship with your mother are you putting into practice the word of God:

When the fool is offended, so everyone knows, but who is wise pretend it was not insulted. Proverbs 12:16

If, for whatever reason, you feel offended or insulted by her mother in law. Save your dissatisfaction for you. Has wisdom. Be higher. Cover up the offense is a gigantic demonstration of wisdom. When someone covers up the offense, that person vanishes completely the true intent of the perpetrator.

Com patience bending a magistrate, and a soft tongue can break bones. Proverbs 25:15

The word says that, who uses patience, to convince a judge. And who speaks calmly and quietly can break what is most hard on a person. The bones. That's it. Be patient and gentle with his mother in law. Do this you will see that all barriers that prevent you to be happy as a family, will be gradually broken.

A big hug and be with God

Edilson Rodrigues Silva

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