Message for someone who is unable to find a job

Message for someone who is unable to find a job

I know that nowadays get a new job is very complicated, especially for younger people who are trying to get their first job with a formal contract. However, as difficult as it may seem do not be discouraged, because God has a beautiful plan for your life.

Know before you were born, God knew everything was going to go in your life. If today you are there looking for a job and can not find. Do not give up! Do not stop! Cling to God that He will guide you on what you should do. Talk to Him. Read His answer in the Bible, for that is how He speaks to us. This is how our God leads us and sustains us.

So do not stay away from words wonderful and full of life that their God has to say.

Trust in God, for your life and your future depend solely on God. Talk to Him. Explain to him what's going on in your life and you will see that our God is a true God, merciful and infinite power to defeat any evil work that may be hindering your life.

Commit your ways to the Lord and you will see in your life the signs of the presence of our beloved Lord Jesus Christ. It will in an extraordinary way to give you the absolute certainty that he exists and that he is fighting for you. Just believe in God and go straight towards your victory is closer than you think.

Do not give up! Do not be discouraged that your job is coming. Get ready! Study! And keep your mind and self-esteem up there because soon your life will change. Just trust in God! Amen!

Stay in the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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