How to get out of depression

Some people may not agree, but what I will teach you now delivered many of depression and, why not say, also of death.

It is a very recipe, very simple and very effective to release anyone who is suffering because of depression.

 The recipe is as follows:

1 – Take a walk every day in a quiet place with lots of nature, trees, plants, and flowers … No matter the weather. If you are sun protect yourself. Pass the sunscreen. Wear a hat and OK! If you are not sun protect yourself properly and OK! Also quit anyway. The important thing is you go out walking. Do not give the desire to stay home. Go for a walk is the beginning of his total cure.

2 – Every step you take you says:

Father, the powerful name of Jesus Christ I thank you for my perfect health.

On the first day you will see wonderful results in your life. Remember: The things of God are very simple.

Amen and Thank God. Stay in the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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