Message to a friend who goes away

Friend, no matter the time or the place where you are, there will always be not only in my heart but also my good thoughts and my prayers for you and your whole family.

No matter the distance, no time. I will never forget the good and constructive moments we spent together. They will be recorded and stored with all love and joy in my life album. I am very glad you participated it in such a markedly.

Special people just like you, are like that, they are rare and very special, marked us with his warmth, charisma, companionship, understanding, friendship and love. When, unfortunately, they solve or need from inevitably end up leaving in us a huge void that to fill even if only a little, this is only possible through a greater love that can only be found in the loving arms of our God and Lord.

So I wish you not only health but also that you have in your new journey so lucky that I had was to find someone as friendly, caring, sincere and real as I found him.

I know that our short distance will only make the longing will unite more and more our friendship in our hearts and let the incredible desire and expected the reunion.

So I wish the Father in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ send to your life the wonderful Holy Spirit of Him that He will pray for you and for you so that you will have every day more protection, health, faith, wisdom, intelligence, perseverance, joy, prosperity, confidence and success in your new journey.

That's what I wish you with all my heart.

God be with you! A big hug!

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