A true friend, true friendship

A true friend, true friendship

15 I no longer call you servants, for the servant knoweth not what his lord does; but I have called you friends, for everything that I heard from my Father I have made known. – John 15:15

This is too beautiful!

Will we ever we could imagine that our beloved God would call us friends?

It is just that. Our God is calling us friends. Jesus is inviting us to be friends with Him. When the Lord Jesus calls us friends He is opening to us the doors of the heart to Him, while He is telling us that, from that moment, we can also count on the friendship of him. He is telling us that, in him, we have a true friend with whom we can really count on and trust.

That our God is too terrible! Jesus is calling friends all the people who want friendship Him. He imposes nothing. He does not demand anything, he only has to offer. Jesus is not only calling the doctor, the judge, the pastor, the engineer, the housewife, the student … Jesus is also calling on drugs, the adulterer, the liar, the slanderer, the thief … Anyway Jesus calling a friend all people.

And we? Does the example of our beloved God, without prejudices nor suspicion, we would have the courage to call friends all sorts of people? It's amazing how much we still have to learn from the Lord Jesus.

Jesus called all of us friends. Anyone who wants to accept His friendship will be able to count on a friend always there, ready to listen, to forgive and to guide us to walk with confidence on the paths of light and truth. Finally, Jesus is a true friend and for all times. Like a good friend,

Jesus will always be at our side in the most sad moments and happy in our lives. But we can not forget that, here in this world, when someone calls someone else's friend or friend, there are some features that make certain person to be recognized by us as a friend. For example:

Betray a friend?
A friend of mind?
A friend deceives us?
A friend is false?
a friend is interested?
A friend steals?
A friend slanders?
A friend lives saddening our hearts?

Of course not! A true friend does not do any of that.

That's why we have the greatest respect and consideration with all those who have in us a sincere friendship. Now! if we have such regard for friendships in the world let alone the responsibility that we have with our friends that God has placed in us.

Nobody likes to do something you go let your sad friend. Especially in the case of a friend as special as is our Lord Jesus. Why we should strive to match the friendship Him, and do everything so that our God has only pride and joys to remember us.

The Lord Jesus is a special friend. It is different not only because of the wonderful qualities of which we have spoken above, but because he is a true friend. It is so true and faithful that he would like to have our friendship for a long time. That's it! Jesus does everything for His friendship for me and for you is an eternal friendship. That's why he always encourages us, sustain us, guides us and does everything that is necessary for us to persevere in the walk beside Him. All this so we can have the friendship Him forever. That yes, it is a faithful and true friendship.

A big hug and be in peace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

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