Prayer of healing and deliverance

Prayer of healing and deliverance

God the Father, the Almighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ send forth into my life your most holy and most powerful Holy Spirit for Him to pray for me, and for me, so I'm totally free, free from all evil influences I I inherited from my family, my ancestors or who came because of my own actions last time I did not yet know your most holy and wonderful name.

Father, in the name of his beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ I ask you what the Lord has compassion and mercy on me and pull my heart every feeling or malignant rebellious spirit, of irritation, of egoism, of nervousness, arrogance, self-sufficiency, violence, sadism, masturbation, prostitution, sodomy, of grief, of anger, adultery, revenge, idolatry, hatred, greed, theft, attack of my own life or life of my neighbor, impurity, the vices of drinking, intolerance, envy, gossip, enmity, slander, physical or chemical dependency.

My God and my Lord, the Mighty name of the Lord Jesus Christ I pray that the Lord will deliver me from any evil influence that may be acting in my personal, professional life, in my family, in my love life, my emotional life or my financial life.

My God and my Father in the glorious name of the Lord Jesus Christ rebuke and expel my whole life and any evil spirit of disease that may be causing in my life every kind of malaise, dizziness, headaches, swelling, disturbances, voices , sounds, nightmares, diabetes, high blood pressure, tumor, cancer, obstruction, blindness, deafness, difficulty walking, speaking or to move.

My God and Lord, in the wonderful name of the Lord Jesus Christ I ask you to remove the Lord of my life every spirit of weakness, lack of courage, defeat, suffering, misery, grace and humiliation.

Father, in the name of His Poderso beloved son, our Lord Jesus Christ, I ask the Lord pour on me and on my family their blessings and to open all the doors of my life and banish all the demons that were sent or who came for other reasons with the intention of bringing into my life and for my family, suffering, pain, quarrels, separation, illness, poverty, failure, destruction and death.

My Father in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ right now I thank you for the spiritual liberation, emotional, sentimental, physical and financial that, wonderfully, the Lord has done in my life and the lives of my family.

Amen and thank God.

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