Prayer for the family

God the Father, in the mighty name of your beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ I'll ask the Lord to send to my life and the lives of everyone in my family your wonderful Holy Spirit so that He covers us all with good health, safety, love, protection, wisdom, prosperity and faithfulness to you.
Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, release my family of any evil spirit of adultery, disease, suffering, disorder, confusion, fights, envy, witchcraft, theft, prostitution, of jealousy, betrayal, addictions, of lying, of rebellion, of unbelief, accident, drowsiness, lack of attention, of disaster, of madness, of fornication, idolatry, defeat, gambling, unemployment, self-sufficiency, of greed, envy, violence, misery, destruction and especially the evil of death spirit.
My God and my Father, the Almighty's name and Mighty Lord Jesus Christ protect all my family for all the evil attacks. Lord forbid that the enemy can approach, much less suggest or do any harm to me or anyone in my family.

My God and my Father is the glorious name of the Lord Jesus Christ right now I declare that you alone are God, and I, with all my heart I thank you for your wonderful love and its powerful blessing and protection for all people of my family.

Amen and thank God.

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