4 precious lessons of Job’s ordeal

4 precious lessons on the Book of Job

Everyone knows the story of Job. Job's story is a great source of inspiration for the building of the true faith in God. Job was a very rich man. He had great possessions and a big happy family. Day to night everything was different in his life. Before Job had a good life with good health, joy, abundance and suddenly only remaining loneliness, need, sickness, pain and suffering.

Today we'll get some very valuable tips from the behavior of this great man of God. Job taught us, with life and his behavior, as it should be, truly, our faith and our relationship with God.

Below are some of the great lessons we can learn from the life of this great and faithful servant of God.

1 – No matter what will happen in our lives. We must always remember that God is God. He is always in control of everything. He knows everything. He sees everything and He alone has all power to do or change any situation. Even if our life is steeped in pain and suffering at the right time, the Lord will come with providence and salvation because He is on our side, He knows what's going on with all of us, and He will never allow our pain and suffering are greater than we can bear.

2 – We must never support our faith and trust in God, in our material goods, people and even in our own health. Our faith should be supported only in God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit of God.

3 – Everything we have belongs to God. He gives us something, but it can also remove or allow such a thing to be taken from our lives. It does this at the time and the moment he think should be done. So we must, day after day, thank God for allowing us to share our life with our loved ones or for Him enable us to enjoy some comfort, benefit, gift or material goods. Similarly we should thank if perhaps He sees fit to take it all. This part is very hard for all of us who are simple and imperfect humans.
We must not and we do not have any condition to probe the thoughts or actions of our God. He is God. He does what he wants and the time you want it. The only thing we can do at a time of great need or distress, is crying out for mercy from Him and ask for a miracle or restoration.

4 – God is God. He does what he wants and by the time he wants. We can never forget that our life and our faith should be much the same as the Job practiced. Job once said that even if he were to die, he was sure that such an event would be best for him because, well, he could see the face of God. That's what we should learn. Although this is very hard for us, we must accept the omnipotence of the Lord and humble ourselves before His presence. And then to be absolutely sure that whatever is happening in our lives, this is being done always for our own good. Another important point is that, despite the pains and difficulties of life, we must make a great effort not to get immersed in our own dramas and problems, but also try to see the difficulties and needs of our neighbors.

A big hug and be in peace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Edilson Rodrigues Silva

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