Birthday message for evangelical pastor 4

Dear pastor

For some people, being a pastor is to be hard. It's boring. It is to be inconvenient. For these people, who are still not completely enlightened in ways of our Lord Jesus Christ, the pastor is eventually to a rather unpleasant person.

This is precisely the role of a dedicated and true shepherd. A good shepherd, and He is Lord, it strives to guide, advise and even with a lot of responsibility and justice, rebuke when necessary.

A great pastor, and fortunately we have the joy of having our hand, does just the irreplaceable role of a loving father. No father formed the carnal ties, not a negligent father, not a father who lives in permissiveness, but a father formed the holy spiritual ties. A virtuous father, a father who truly loves his sons and daughters, and always makes it possible for these tread increasingly the true path of our God of love.

On that day more than special, first we would like to make a very special thanks to our God, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit of God that He has placed in our lives a man so committed to the word and the wonderful work of our creator.

Dear pastor, thank you for your courage. Thank you for your dedication and their hard, sincere but necessary words in the heat of the moment may even strike us harder than most rigid stone, but then turn into blessings and more blessings to our lives.

Dear pastor, thanks for everything. May the Lord our God all powerful stroke abundantly the Holy Spirit from Him about your blessed family bringing all good health, peace, prosperity and love.

Stay in the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ

Edilson Rodrigues Silva

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