Birthday message for evangelical pastor 12

Years many ways this hectic and confusing life we ​​live today is not too difficult to find who show us a text, a picture, an image, a movie, a television show, a website, a video or something other than the build anything. On the contrary. It is increasingly common to find many people who offer us things and more things that only make us away from the ways of the blessed God our Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and his wonderful Holy Spirit.

This just comes to show us the care and zeal that we have with that which is our relentless spiritual father here on earth. This just comes to show us how much we have to respect and thank him who, with full dedication and responsible work continuously failing cowers and not intimidated to show us the excellent paths that by the grace of God, bring us together and lead us each closer and closer to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Dear friend and pastor! There are many things that words can not express. One of those things is gratitude. As much as we talk we will always have more to say.

Anyway, we are taking advantage of this great opportunity which is the date of his birthday to, through these few but sincere words, recognize how much we appreciate your hard work, care and love with which you have been exercising their great ministry in our community.

Congratulations on another year of life. That our God the Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and his wonderful Holy Spirit bless you richly and that the Holy Trinity gives you of this every day more anointing so you can, in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, making millions and millions of souls for the large herd of our God and Lord.

Happy Birthday. That our God and Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit of God, bless abundantly you and your family giving you a lot of peace, faith, health, perseverance, wisdom and love.

Stay in the peace of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Edilson Rodrigues Silva

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