Message to shepherd who leaves

Message to shepherd who leaves

Dear Pastor, Are we miss …

Beloved pastor the Lord has not left, but our hearts have already been taken by the strong and painful impact of this sudden change. Faced with the imminent farewell we were all a bit shaken and, why not say, his heart grieved.

We all know that you were asked by the Holy Spirit of God to do the work elsewhere. We are absolutely sure that you will engage and work with the same energy and determination with which you worked here in our church.

Even though this is the will of our good God, even though this is part of their work, we can not control, we are already missing a lot:

We miss your big smile and sincere.
We miss their blessed and wise words;
We miss your warm embrace;
We miss their paternal corrections;
We miss your beautiful and blessed family;

Anyway, we already have many memories of our spiritual father, our guide and with more longing still, our brother, our friend, and also of love and affection with which you always treated all people in our Church and our local community.

So even with the heart surrounded by early longing, we found something to rejoice. Yes, we can rejoice that those who will live in the future with you. These blessed people will have the great opportunity to work alongside a good man, hardworking, honest and that really is committed to the work of God.

Let's move on. Our existence is like that. There is a time for everything in life. Time to arrive and depart. Time to smile and weep and a time to change and adapt.

Dear friend and pastor. We wish you much health and happiness in this new stage of his life. That always persevere in the work and God. that our beloved God poured upon you and upon all his much the Holy Spirit His family so that you are more blessed every day.
Thank you very much and may God protect him from all evil today, and forever.

A big hug and be with God.

Edilson Rodrigues Silva

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