Homage to evangelical pastor’s wife 4

Many people have tried to talk to the lady and the lady did not agree with them.

Many people wanted to do a certain thing and the lady told them that they needed to do something.

Many people came to the lady complaining about the problems and the lady was forced to say that perhaps the problem was with them.

Many people sought because they wanted to hear the lady a friendly and nice word, but you just saying anything soft words. Words that friends in the world do not speak.

Often we seek the right person in the wrong places. Other times we are in the right place and seek the wrong person.

Dear beloved pastor, to our happiness, we found it.
Thank you pastor for his ministry and for your presence in our lives. Thank goodness the lady is for us the right person in the right place.

Dear pastor, would like to take this special opportunity to ask you this small but sincere tribute.

Being a pastor is to be a true friend, not a friend like the world thinks it should be, but a friend who carries the message of the greatest friend who is our Lord Jesus Christ.

Being a pastor is to have the courage and love to advise the right one when the world is on the path of error and falsehood.

Being a pastor is to have the affection and concern in talking what you need to talk, not just what someone wants to hear.

Being a pastor is unfortunately often be misunderstood.

Being a pastor is happily have the joyful and peaceful heart to see that we did the right thing, even if it cost him harm yourself in the picture.

Being a pastor's it. It is to be true and faithful to the words of life and love that our Lord Jesus Christ left us.

Being a pastor is to be a messenger of good news of the gospel. It is sowing the life-giving word of God.

Being a pastor is to be the shoulder and hug friend, especially when the world lets us down and to the back.

Being a pastor is more than a ministry or mission. Being a pastor is a gift. It is the gift to engage, love and want good spirit sons and daughters that God has entrusted to him.

Dear pastor,

May our Almighty God pour on his life and on his family and on his ministry much health, happiness and blessings upon blessings. That's what all of us, his sons and daughters in Christ Jesus wish him with all our heart.

Cheers! That our God Almighty stroke spare his life and the lives of your family endless blessings.

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